You stand at the entrance of a beautiful lush green forest.

There is a faint sweet smell of flowers permeating the air, enticing you to come closer.

Looking up at the trees, you see a quick flash of pink on a nearby branch, but it quickly vanishes. That was a little odd.

What could it have been, up there in the trees?

Anyway, maybe it was just your tired eyes playing tricks on you after staring at a computer screen all day... Mom did always say the computer would rot your brain.


How did you get all the way here, anyway? Weren't you just at your desk reading your work emails?

The chirpy sing-song of a bird in the distance instantly clears your thoughts from visions of telling your boss to shove it where the sun doesn't shine.

You notice your bare feet are touching the warm grass and you feel compelled to move further along the path.

Enter the forest?